Benefits Of Hand Lettering: Why You Should Learn Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is a type of visual art that aims to illustrate letterforms through the hand. It’s likely to add beauty in the form of letters.

While it’s considered an engaging activity, hand-lettering can be a great hobby as well. There are numerous benefits conjugated with hand-lettering.

Today, we will cover some of the benefits and tips related to hand lettering. So, let’s begin.

Why Should You Learn Hand Lettering?

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Hand-lettering does not have particular rules as such. However, the reader should be able to read the writings accurately. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn hand lettering

Enhances Your Creativity
Hand lettering is a great way to enhance your creativity. Life has been busy for all of us.

Be it work or family, things can feel pretty lame. Having said that, adopting such activities is likely to enhance your creativity.

It can boost your motivation to think out of the box and come up with favorable outcomes. Moreover, it can give you the inspiration to leave the bed every day.

Saves Your Money
Hand lettering is a cost-effective approach to numerous aspects of your life. Ever wondered about the money you will be saving by hand lettering?

Let’s get it straight; sometimes, we need beautifully outlined letters for our own selves. With endless occasions and party arrangements, you can use your hand-writing skills for props and event-related elements.

You can also design and outline your own wedding address. While it can be a tad bit time-consuming, the outcomes will be satisfactory and budget-friendly.

If not that, you can implement the hand-writing skills to create signs for house warming parties. It can surely be a head-turner for your guests.

Throws a Good Impression on Friends and Family


Hand-lettering skills can be utilized to make a good impression on both friends and family. You can create beautifully written letters to congratulate them on any achievements.

From congratulating a cousin on their wedding to wishing them a happy birthday, your gift can make them feel special. It’s also a great gesture to wish your parents on occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

With the increasing trend of hand-made gifts, these ideas are never going to become old. Overall, your dear ones are likely to feel proud of the expertise you hold.

Increases Productivity
We are surrounded by numerous activities that decrease our inspiration to continue any work. It makes us lazy and lethargic for no reason.

In such a scenario, we look for something that boosts up our morale. Adapting hobbies like Hand-lettering can keep you busy and productive all day.

Besides developing your skills as an artist, it can keep you on track to being enthused and dedicated. It’s a fantastic way to keep you consistent and rational with your goals.

Keeps You Stress-free
There are certain things around us that are therapeutically soothing. Imagine moving a soft paintbrush on white paper to create attractive letters; sounds alluring, right? Well, it is.

You might have noted trending videos in social media handles based on this concept. It’s rather satisfying for both the artist and the audience.

There are so many artists who started hand-lettering during their tough times. If you encounter anxiety episodes, hand-lettering can be a great way to keep you calm and comfortable.

Top Tips to Enhance Your Hand Lettering Skills

Enhance Your Hand Lettering Skills

By now, you know the perks and reasons for trying hand-lettering. Fortunately, there is a plethora of hand-lettering books available to brush up your skills. Each of these books provide different styles and presentations.

But simply buying a hand-letting book doesn’t make you a perfect master immediately. Keep practicing and learning new things every day, in the field.

Let’s note some tips to get proficient in the field. Here’s a quick glimpse to the same:

    • Follow the pencil guidelines precisely. Make sure to draw both the top and bottom guidelines. It helps to keep the design nice and straight.
    • First, make a pencil draft of the letters and then move on to the next steps. The layout should be attractive and eye-catching.
    • As they say, practice makes an individual perfect; it’s best to stay committed to the same. The more you practice, the better you become. So, make those regular practices a routine.
    • You can experiment with different pens to come up with good-quality results. Make sure that the letters are smoothly written without any smudge.
    • Try to adapt to different styles. You can challenge yourself by writing different types of letters. It’s a great way to grow your skills with time.


So, these were some of the distinct reasons to learn hand-lettering with its benefits. Apart from being a creative skill, it’s soothing, money-friendly, and productivity-enhancing.

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