Did you know Coloring Can Keep You Happy, no Matter the Age

Coloring is the must-have staple of childhood. Whether toddlers, preschoolers, or school-going kids, coloring remains an important and joyful part of life. Lots of crayons, colorful papers, and hours of fun scribbling.

Coloring Can Keep You Happy

But did you know the art of coloring has no age boundaries? These days, adult coloring books are making one of the hottest trends. Coloring books for kids to adults have led to a whole niche market with a skyrocketing demand all over the world. There are coloring books not just for kids but also for teens, adults, and seniors.

And there is one simple reason behind this popularizing trend –

Coloring makes us happy.
Coloring makes us happy

The connection between colors and kids is obvious. When it comes to grownups, coloring does have a nostalgic effect. The art of coloring takes us back to childhood feeling. These feelings bring us back to a time of joy, clarity, and peace. The act fuels our lives with happiness during stressful times in adulthood.

Let’s find more about why coloring keeps us happy:

Satisfy your inner child
Satisfy your inner child

Did you know that many behavioral and emotional difficulties stem from our failure to relate to our own inner child consciously? Acknowledging and taking responsibility to parent one’s own inner child can help get rid of these difficulties.

No matter how much we grow up, the child inside us never dies. And coloring books help channel our inner kid. This process is deeply linked to our mental wellness and joy. The inner child is real – not physically but figuratively and metaphorically.

One of many simplest ways to tie back to the inner kid is to indulge in the art of coloring. It’s therapy to accept and start loving the kid inside us. Kids find joy in simple things. Being able to find the same joy as an adult by coloring is well worth the effort.

A Wonderful Social Opportunity
Coloring doesn’t have to be a solitary act. It can be a great fluid opportunity for practical socialization. It is true, especially for loners who often prefer being by themselves.

You can join a coloring club and connect with others who want to build or grow their network. Choose from a wide variety of coloring books and explore your imaginations. It’s a great way to come together and be authentic.

It’s a Form of Meditation
Form of Meditation

Meditation makes you happy. You know it, right? Fortunately, coloring is an interesting form of meditation. Indulging in creative pursuits like coloring is often calming and helps with mindfulness. It is another excellent reason behind the popularity of adult coloring books.

Fully Customizable
Due to growing popularity, coloring books online can be fully customized. For instance, you can shop for books featuring small detailed images of your favorite celebrities.

With some of these books, you can even draw rather than just coloring if you want to be more adventurous and creative.

This incredible ability to select your desired coloring books is one more important reason behind the popularity of adult coloring books.

You Can Keep It
Whatever our loved ones or we make from our own hands, we want to keep it forever. We often find satisfaction in displaying and seeing the outcomes of our creativity.

Seeing coloring art in a book or on your walls can lift your negative mood and give you confidence and self-motivation. You can hang it on your refrigerator door or in any room you want.

Take a Break
Take Break

Are you worried about pending bills, familial things, health, or your future? Such day-to-day responsibilities bring fears, anger, and frustration.

Of course, we will have to fulfill these responsibilities, no matter what. But coloring can help manage associated feelings while reducing negative emotions.

Engaging in activities like coloring is good for health, especially mental wellbeing. It reduces negative effects in our day-to-day life and refreshes our mood.

Our Relationship with Colors
It begins right after we open our eyes after birth!

Colors in every form are the essence of life. They affect us at different levels. They can condition us culturally and socially. In addition, our reaction to colors can be personal, depending on how we present in our lives.

Warm colors like yellow, red, and orange evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. Cool colors like blue, purple, and green tend to be soothing. Happy colors are warm shades like pink, yellow and red. Pastel shades like light pink and peach can uplift your mood.

But, when it comes to coloring, no color is sad or happy. Just explore your creativity, combine different shades, and come up with impressive keepsakes.

Wrapping Up
We bet you can never get bored of coloring. Of course, grownups won’t do it for the whole day. Ideally, you can indulge in the art of coloring on weekends or even during weekdays when you want to bust your stress.

Happy coloring!


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