How Stories Shape Kids’ Mind

Do you remember hearing fascinating stories from your grandmother as a kid? The mighty king, the enemy, and the queen, we are sure that you can still recall the characters in mind. It was fun, right?

However, along with being a great mode of entertainment, stories have a beneficial effect on a kid’s mind. Be it their character development or mental abilities; storytelling helps in all. Thus, today we will be elaborating on the perks of storytelling in children.

How Stories Shape Kids 'Mind

Besides, we will also be guiding the parents with storytelling tips. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Benefits of storytelling to children

Storytelling promotes a sensation of prosperity and amusement among kids. Fortunately, our story books for kids bring exciting and interesting stories that are sure to engage and inspire your little ones. Now, let’s take a thorough peek at some of its benefits below.

Administer moral values in kids
Kids tend to inspire by the stories they listen to. Their mind takes a dip into the world of imagination, creativity, and instinct. It can influence their great moral values, contributing to factors like freedom, truth, charity, kindness, wisdom, etc.

Parents should be particular about the characters involved in the story. The story chosen by you should mirror the substantial aspects of life for the kid’s better domination.

Administer moral values in kids

Good Memory Development
We look for ways to nurture and edify our kids by effective means. Our aim is to help them develop with better ethics and intellectual capabilities. Having said that, when you read ingenious stories to the kids, their memory is likely to sharpen.

In the end, you can ask questions or details concerning the story. By doing so, you will be able to get a better knowledge of their grasping tendency. It will also refine their memory and enhance cognitive function.

Encourages imagination
A kid’s mind goes to an insightful and visionary zone when listening to a story. Your every word strikes your kid’s imagination.

That’s because they develop the characters or setting as per the same. Storytelling has a direct impact on developing fierce and innovative thoughts within the kids. It can then help them to come up with righteous ideas as well.

Encourages imagination

Generates an emotional connection and empathy
Apart from being morally proficient and quick-witted, we aim for our kids to be more empathic. By storytelling, kids can achieve the same. When you read them a story depicting awareness, they are likely to comprehend the scenario and respond accordingly.

Let’s say, if you are reading the story of Cinderella to your child, they will connect and respond to her emotions. Be it her grief or excitement; they will equate with her journey precisely.

That’s because while storytelling, children develop better-thinking ability, subliminally. It will further intensify their emotional intelligence and commiserating abilities.

Increases the curiosity to learn
As your kid’s mind is still developing, it’s the right time to enhance their curiosity. You can use storytelling as a method for the same. Let’s say you are reading an interesting story to them, and just before a huge revelation, you stop.

At this point, your child will get curious and analytical with the succeeding scenarios. They will ask you questions or come up with their predictions.

All these factors will contribute to a better learning process. It will further affect their maturing and development in a positive manner.

Increases the curiosity to learn

Better Knowledge of Distinct Culture
Reading diverse stories to your kids can expand their knowledge of customs and cultures. Currently, your kid has limited information regarding the world.

Having said that, you can help the kids discover more about tradition, places, and community through stories. However, make sure to be selective with the books category you choose.

Storytelling also helps the kids to keep a biased and prejudiced approach against everything. And not to miss, it helps the kids get information regarding the particulars mentioned in the story.

Good Communication and Social Skills
Stories also enhance the communication and social skills of the kids. It encourages them to be more interactive with the reader.

So, be it you or any other family member, kids are likely to be more expressive with them. It also contributes to strengthening the bond between kids and parents.

Besides, storytelling impacts the social skills of the kids. That’s because while listening to the narratives, kids become more patient and attentive.

They comprehend the importance of opinion, perspective, consent, and other relevant entities. These understandings are likely to help them lead a better life in future.

Good Verbal Skills
Listening to stories can result in good verbal skills among kids. That’s because it uplifts their proficiency in recognising words, languages, and phrases. Additionally, it is effective in enhancing pronunciation and interaction skills too.

When kids hear any new word, their mind captures it instantly. Thus, do not hesitate to bring new terms during the narration. However, with their quick grasping capacity, it’s best to be cautious with lousy words as well.

How can parents read stories to kids?

Now that the perks of storytelling for kids are clear let’s plunge into some notes that parents should take with them.

  • Show Excitement: Kids read faces. Thus, make sure to be demonstrative and enthusiastic during the narration. In simple terms, the emotions of the character should be apparent from your face.

parents read stories

  • Read together: Instead of reading it alone, ask your kid to read it with you. By doing so, they will get familiarised with the alphabets, words, and phrases of the story. Besides, the pictures are likely to make them more excited and encourage their interest in learning.

Read together

  • Play Storytelling Games: Another way to add fun to your usual story reading regime is by making it a game. For example, you can ask to try games like tale twist. Here, you can tell the kid to combine two of their favourite stories to come up with a new one.

Play Storytelling Games

  • Folktales from your culture: You can get them familiarised with the folktales of your own culture. It’s best to teach them about the same as well. By such means, you can also tell the differences and peculiarities that make it varied from other cultures.


So, these were some of the most exceptional perks of storytelling for kids, along with tips for parents. Being an old and tested strategy, storytelling can be greater dominant for your child.

It’s efficient for their mental development, learning potency, and moral values. If these ideas worked for you, make sure to check out our other blogs featuring more valuable tactics.


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